About David

David's Background


David Blow is a photographer/printmaker and Professor Emeritus of Art at the University of North Texas. His vision since childhood has been of being one with God and nature. As a young boy on a dairy farm in Michigan, his interests were split between going hunting with his father and spending time in his room drawing and painting. That was when he wasn’t helping with the farm chores, feeding and caring for the dairy animals, working the land, planting and harvesting.

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Art,Science & Theology


Science and art have always been partners in understanding our world. I use fractals to suggest the beauty and the complexity revealed in all things. In other images, I use graphic squares to represent the vibrations/music found in nature. The palette I use is from nature’s own beauty that is found in the images I have taken. Aesthetically, I am seeking to show the harmony between the natural environment and the electronic one. I am expressing - the wholeness - holiness - seen in nature. It’s rare to find a person who hasn’t experienced a deeply moving and pleasurable sense of oneness with something awesomely larger than themselves.



I am offering the viewer a glimpse into what was a more quiet and intimate time of life in America. In a way, I am expressing a type of romantic envy while documenting culture change.